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Steam Boiler Rental

We offer a range of portable steam boilers that deliver up to 0.5 to 6tonnes of steam per hour at 9 bar.

A higher volume of steam (up to 30 tonnes per hour) at the same pressure can be achieved by combining multiple units via a steam manifold.

All our boilers are skid-mounted with independent water tank, fuel tank, water softening system and power pack.

All our boilers are designed to give flexibility under the most arduous operating conditions. All the Lifting legs are load tested and certified under reputed third party organizations. All Pressure relief valves are calibrated in accordance with regulations of Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC).

The boiler is suitable for oil or gas fuel and can be fitted with oil, gas or combined gas and oil burner.

Hot Water Supply System using Steam Heating with Internal Heat Exchangers

We have used our unique expertise in the efficient use of steam to design solutions for your hot water requirements. Prestige Engineering is supplying the Shell and Tube type heat exchanger to satisfying the need of hot water in the plant utilizing the boiler steam.Steam is particularly suitable as a heat transfer medium for heating fluids. The steam pressure can be used to limit the maximum temperature so that sensitive fluids can be heated safely. The steam condenses and transfers its condensation heat to the fluid being heated. The condensate can then be returned to the steam process.

Heating steam in the shell and cold water in the tubes are directed past each other in counterflow. In doing so, the heating steam emits some of its thermal energy to the cold water. The heated water flows into a tank, where it is available to be withdrawn.

In the steam pipe downstream of the shell &tube heat exchanger there is a condensate separator and a second, small heat exchanger as condenser for condensing the flash steam.

Repair and Maintenance of Boilers

With the help of our technical team of experts, we render services to our clients for industrial Boilers Repairing. All our repairing activities are carried out using superior quality components and advanced technology, to ascertain cost effectiveness and reliability, along with a greater durability. Further, we also make sure that our services must be completed with the specified time frame and can also be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients.

We are also doing Annual maintenance contract with many clients in UAE, based on client requirements we offers General, Shift, Daily, Monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual maintenance services to our clients.

We also perform Annual inspection and certification of Boilers as required by Insurance regulations and Local laws.

Manufacturing of Boilers

Prestige Engineering L.L.C. has the expertise to carry out the Design (Thermal & Mechanical), manufacturing of Boilers. The boilers which are intended to use on Oil & Gas Industry, Food and Beverages, Laundries and number of applications which required process steam.

Each boiler package is designed to meet specific customer requirements. We have a capability to design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning including aftersales services for boilers.

Codes and Standards: ASME Section-1 and NBIC For Repair and Alterations.

Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel and Alloy steel.

We are also stockiest of Boiler Spare Parts as follows.

  • Fuel Pumps
  • Feed Water Pumps
  • Burners.
  • Transformers & Programmers,
  • Water Level Controllers
  • Boiler Safety Valves.